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Untangling The Supply Chain

Pet Product News International, February 2022

The pet care community both pivoted and managed to maintain a positive industry growth rate during the pandemic — only to run headfirst into a global supply chain crisis. As these logistical challenges follow us into 2022, the need for creative solutions grows more urgent. After a recent announcement from FetchFind — a leader in pet industry technology and education and partner of WPA — it looks like relief is finally on the horizon.

This past year, FetchFind launched its new “marketplace” concept, a platform where national brands outside of our industry can connect their relevant products and services with the pet community. As part of this initiative, FetchFind teamed up with Cintas Corporation, a global leader in workplace solutions, delivering everything from uniforms, first aid, and safety equipment to facility services such as floor care and towel service.

“The implications of this partnership are huge for the pet community,” said Vic Mason, president of World Pet Association. “At a time when most businesses are still dealing with a disrupted supply chain and staffing issues, access to the essential services and supplies Cintas delivers helps businesses get back to a place of normalcy, and even growth, which becomes a serious competitive advantage.”

Budget Rescue

Day to day, pet retail business owners wear a lot of hats — and some don’t fit as well as they could. Transferring those “hats” to Cintas enables you to reduce or reallocate staff payroll hours that would have been used for routine maintenance operations, such as cleaning floor mats or restocking bathroom supplies, ultimately saving money and ensuring access to a reliable workforce. It also allows you to turn your full attention back to core business.

“The services Cintas offers lets business owners focus on doing what they do best,” said Jamie Damato Migdal, FetchFind founder and CEO. “That help goes a long way toward relieving the pressures of managing limited staff hours — especially with the constraints businesses are facing right now. And Cintas does it all at a nationally negotiated price for the entire pet industry, so you know you’re getting the best rate.”

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