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Jamie’s Take On The Last Year


In case you don’t remember (or know) me, I’m Jamie. I am the founder and CEO of FetchFind. I built my life and a 25-year career in and around the pet industry. And I’ve loved (almost) every minute of it.

Then 2020 happened.

A brief inventory:

  • I moved. Twice.
  • I ended my 9-year marriage.
  • I had COVID. Twice. (I have been extremely cautious and am vaccinated, but I have asthma, so well, you get it).
  • I stopped going on social media.
  • I got my “dream” dog, a Collie puppy (more on Willow’s story later).
  • We got a Cockatiel named Sweetie (more on her later, too).
  • I stopped weekly travel and reconnected with what I now know is the life I want to have.
  • Professionally, my beloved business (alongside much of our industry) experienced plummeting revenues due to COVID.
  • I made the hard, yet 100% necessary and appropriate decision, to drastically reduce our subscription prices and launch a free version of our platform.
  • For the first time in my long career, I realized I had burned out and needed to reevaluate almost everything. Professionally and personally.

I had to get back to what mattered. I had to reconnect with why I am an entrepreneur. And I had to reconnect with why FetchFind matters. And I did. Now I want to share what I learned, how I applied those lessons, and the ways I am redefining this business, our impact on the pet industry, and, most importantly, my priorities.

Weekly, during October (my favorite month, btw), I’m emerging, reconnecting, and sharing my thoughts, feelings, and ideas. I will be providing updates on what’s happening with FetchFind and my insights into our industry at large.

We’ll culminate in starting our Facebook Live conversations again on Tuesday, November 2, and every Tuesday morning after that. I’m looking forward to our regular discussions again.

More than anything, I’m ready and excited to move forward with you, my industry counterparts, associates, partners, colleagues, and friends.

If you want to keep in touch and navigate these crazy times together, fill out the form below for ongoing updates from me. I’ll talk more about the puppy and the bird and less about my ex, I promise.

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